At Dunamis Property Management, we offer our clients two options to choose from:

  • Full Service Leasing and Management
  • Lease Only

Our company has been in the rental property management business for years now! We have an extensive amount of experience under our belt, enabling us to make the ideal recommendations to you, so that your property value increases over time.

With our three management options at your disposal, you can acquire the professional assistance you need to maximize the profits from your rental properties, while saving time and energy in the process.

We constantly strive to be the best rental property management company in the beautiful city of St. Louis, Missouri. From managing your property with talented property managers to filling your rental homes, we can handle it all!

So, do you need help in procuring a tenant?

Full Service Leasing and Agreement

The full service leasing and agreement option will include all the services provided in lease only, as well as the following options and benefits:

  • Maintenance
  • Affordable performance based fee approach
  • Effective leasing and marketing program
  • Automatic debiting/direct deposit
  • Detailed annual summaries & monthly reporting
  • Professional property managers
  • Full service six days a week
  • Fully insured
  • Available round the clock to handle emergencies
  • Thorough background checks on applicants

Lease Only

If you choose our ‘lease only’ option, we will:

  • Forward the security deposit, move in inspection and lease to you
  • Advertise your properties for rent
  • Collect the security deposit along with a month’s rent
  • Take calls from potential tenants
  • Conduct move in inspections with your new tenants
  • Show the property by appointment
  • Prepare the addenda and lease documents
  • Perform thorough background checks
  • Accept applications from potential tenants

Contact Us For More Info!

For more information about our leasing and management services, please don’t hesitate and contact us at 314-384-5151.

With our expertise, net cash flow would definitely be improved

We participate and teach industry specific courses. With our expertise and experience, you will definitely get assistance in how costly errors can be avoided. With our excellent services, cost can be minimized and problems can be avoided. There are 3 options that help in saving energy and time. We can provide help in managing the property as well as filling rental homes. with our strong experience, it would be ensured that the tenants would view property regularly. Potential tenants are screened for background checks so that the best opportunities are ensured for them on investments.

Need help to procure a tenant?

  • Do proper advertising of the property
  • Take calls on the tenants’ behalf
  • Show property by appointment
  • Accept applications
  • Detailed background check must be performed
  • Move in inspection must be performed with new tenants
  • Security deposit as well as 1 month’s rent must be collected
  • The move in inspection, security deposit as well as the lease would be forwarded

Are you already having a tenant? If Yes opt for the option of Manage only

With manage only option, only the tasks of lease would be taken care of and the rent would be collected and repairs would be coordinated. Other tasks would also be handed in relation to managing tenancy. There is no need of paying procurement fee. Just the management fee is collected based on the amount collected.

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Your home is undoubtedly a very valuable asset and hence, we make sure that the best ROI is provided to you.

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