Owning rental property can be a profitable and secure investment for the future…or it can be your worst nightmare. You may be thinking, “How hard can it be? You purchase a property find a tenant and the tenant pays for the property while you put money in your pocket each month.” If only it were that easy. When you become a landlord you actually end up wearing many hats. You will by necessity become:

  • A decorator and staging specialist
  • An advertising & marketing specialist
  • A property showing service
  • A tenant credit, criminal and employment screening service
  • A Lease writer and legal expert
  • A state, county, and municipal tenant/landlord real estate code expert
  • A handyman and / or repair contractor
  • A dispute negotiator
  • An emergency service dispatcher
  • A collection agency
  • An eviction attorney
  • An accountant / bookkeeper
  • Etc., Etc., Etc.

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